Your mask is keeping you safe - but are you keeping your mask safe?

Over the last few weeks, news of the rare but deadly Mucormycosis affecting Covid-19 patients has become more common. Also known as the Black Fungus, it’s presumed that it affects people who have recovered, but whose immune systems have been compromised when overcoming Covid-19. It seems that we are all in a never-ending cycle of gloom & doom. However, the only way to beat the spread of any disease is to be safe & cautious by making sure all precautions are followed.

Broadly, there are two precautions that most of us are actively taking to keep ourselves safe – Sanitization and Wearing a Mask. However, if the mask we were harbouring harmful microorganisms, it beats the whole purpose. Disinfection of masks in such cases helps with maintaining the desired level of hygiene and helps keep the harmful microorganisms at bay.

In addition to the factors of low immunity and the improper use of steroids, medical professionals of numerous leading hospitals have revealed that many patients who have been infected by mucormycosis had a history of exhibiting poor hygiene practices, including reusing the same masks for a long time without washing or disinfecting

Wearing a mask has become part of our daily routine similar to us putting on our clothes each day. While we are all conscious enough to maintain hygiene by washing our clothes, most of us do not realise the importance of washing or disinfecting our masks frequently. It’s important to remember that wearing a mask that is contaminated with several microorganisms defeats the very purpose of wearing a mask.

Using UVC to disinfect

Washing a mask is not the most convenient nor the most effective option to sanitize a mask. Washing & drying takes time and we all know that if something is not quick & easy we will end up skipping it. Enter UVC disinfection, the quickest and most effective way to sanitize that mask. It’s dry, chemical-free, on-demand and can be done in a few minutes without any supervision.

Emerging evidence supports the role of UVC radiation in successfully inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at very low doses in seconds. VIOlight Blazar is a UVC disinfection chamber that can disinfect masks or any other personal objects within 3 minutes. Its small format, table-top with a rechargeable battery makes it easily accessible to be used as frequently as needed.

Make Safety a habit

If nothing else the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that personal safety should consist of regular practices that actually should become habits. Keep in mind the following while forming your strategy to keep yourself, your workplace or your home safe and sanitized.

 Wear a mask at all times indoors or when around people.
While N95 masks are definitely preferred, it’s more important to ensure your nose & mouth are covered properly.
Disinfect your masks frequently as possible, at least once a day.
Use the power of UVC radiation with VIOlight’s Blazar and Vulcan to help your mask protect you.

Make sure to keep your surroundings free of harmful microorganisms through disinfection, specifically damp areas to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. No object is too small to ignore.

Make washing your hands a priority and a habit. Wear protective gear like gloves & face shields when appropriate. An easy way to disinfect these protective equipment is by using VIOlight’s Vulcan or Saber.


If we need to overcome this pandemic, we all need to make safety a habit, and make these sanitization practices second nature. It should be something we do unconsciously, baked into our muscle memory. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the coronavirus adapts and attacks when we let our guard down. Even with the vaccine around the corner it’s clear that it all comes down to personal responsibility. VIOlight UVC disinfection products are here to help you discharge that personal responsibility.

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