VIOlight Titan


VIOlight Titan is our top of the line UV disinfection cabinet.  It’s a desk-top germicidal UVC system built to fight germs that are present on objects that are used on a regular basis in dental clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals.  It is designed to kill pathogens such as virus, bacteria, mold and fungi that adhere to medical implements, dental equipment, instruments, masks, bands etc.

The science of disinfection by UVC light is well documented. It’s been used historically for the last over 100 years for its germicidal properties and has proven to be very effective in controlling the growth of germs and reducing the spread of infections.

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titan,Desk-top UV disinfection cabinet


titan,Desk-top UV disinfection cabinet

Inexpensive, versatile and easy just plug in & use

titan,Desk-top UV disinfection cabinet

Reduces the risk of transmission of viruses from one patient to other by disinfecting commonly use tools & equipment

titan,Desk-top UV disinfection cabinet

Provides chemical free disinfection

titan,Desk-top UV disinfection cabinet

Provides a clean germ-free environment for storage of implements after autoclave



Dental tools & equipment, instruments & medical equipment


Products and equipment where chemicals and liquids can’t be used

360°-all-round-disinfection -Vulcan-titan-violight.in

Laboratories equipment


Sterile instruments that need to be kept in a Ready to Use state


Operation theatre instruments & equipment


Tools, masks & gloves

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Frequently Asked Questions

VIOlight Titan is our top-of-the-line UVC  disinfection cabinet. It is best used for disinfection of medical tools and equipment which are hard to disinfect/sterilize. It has a 45 liters high capacity chamber (6x adjustable perforated SS trays) built to fight germs that are present on objects that are used on a daily basis. VIOlight Titan can disinfect the contents of the cabinet with 360º UVC irradiation.

This UVC disinfection chamber has a high output 20w lamp generating 253.7nm of germicidal UVC. It is very effective in disinfecting dental equipment, instruments & medical implements that are not always easy to clean. Common uses include that in dental clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories etc. Time required for complete disinfection of the contents is 5 Mins.

It has a high-quality rigid metal body with stainless steel reflective panels inside for  maximum storage space & effectives of the UVC light. The Titan has 6x removable SS mesh trays that allows for easy stacking of objects to be disinfected.  A safety switch ensures that UVC irradiation can be turned on only when the door is closed. A programmable timer allows a user to set UVC disinfection time.

The Titan is maintenance free apart from regular cleaning SS trays and the lamp. Lamp rated life is 9000hrs. Please contact VIOlight for replacement lamps.

This UV sanitizer Cabinet is ideal for Dental tools, instruments & medical equipment. Laboratories equipment, tools, masks & gloves. Operation theatre instruments & equipment. Products and equipment where chemicals and liquids can’t be used sterile instruments that need to be kept in a ready to use state.

Titan provides rapid UVC disinfection, with the help of proven & effective UVC technology and with its high lamp quality, Titan is able to eliminate pathogens on any objects, medical devices, dental tools and equipment where its radiation shines and provides 99.9% guaranteed disinfection.

Yes. VIOlight Titan is tested for effectiveness against a variety of microorganisms (test certificate available on request). Warranty is available with 1 year electrical and 2 years mechanical against manufacturing defects (excluding UVC Lamps).

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