VIOlight Vulcan


VIOlight Vulcan is our entry level disinfection equipment and is a smaller version of our top of the line VIOlight Titan. It’s a table-top germicidal UVC box built to fight germs that are present on objects & personal possessions that are used by us on a daily basis in our homes, offices and personal spaces. It is designed to kill pathogens such as virus, bacteria and other microorganisms that adhere to keys, wallets, mobiles, tablets and electronic devices and prevent the spread of infection.

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Vulcan,Table-top UVC box


Vulcan,Table-top UVC box

Inexpensive, versatile and easy just plug in & use

Vulcan,Table-top UVC box

Reduces the risk of transmission of viruses from one person to another

Vulcan,Table-top UVC box

Provides chemical free disinfection & without personal intervention

Vulcan,Table-top UVC box

Provides a clean germ-free environment in home & office when it comes to personal use items



Currency notes & coins


Mobiles & Tablets


Keys, watches & wallets


Small medical tools, masks & gloves


Salon & spa supplies & instruments


Kitchen tools & restaurant cutlery

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Frequently Asked Questions

VIOlight Vulcan a table-top germicidal UVC drawer built to fight germs. It’s Inexpensive, versatile and easy to use.  With an 8 liter high capacity chamber it is perfect to disinfect small objects and personal items and reduces the risk of transmission of viruses and other microorganisms.  It provides chemical free disinfection and is perfect for use at home, office, clinic, hospital, retail store, banks etc.

Vulcan is designed to kill pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that adhere to keys, wallets, mobiles, tablets and electronic devices. It is effective to disinfect currency notes and coins, small medical tools, masks & gloves, salon & spa supplies, kitchen tools & restaurant cutlery. 

VIOlight Vulcan has a high-quality rigid metal body with stainless steel reflective panels inside for  maximum storage space & effectives of the UVC light.  The drawer is mounted on high quality maintenance free slides.  A safety switch ensures that UVC irradiation can be turned on only when the drawer is closed. A programmable timer allows a user to set UVC disinfection time

VIOlight Vulcan is a modern day  UV disinfection system built to fight germs using proven and effective UVC technology. It is very effective in disinfecting our daily use possessions & small objects. A minimum of 2 mins is recommended to ensure proper sterilization of the contents of Vulcan. A high output 11w lamp generating 253.7nm of germicidal UVC is used to ensure 99.9% disinfection.

Apart from regular cleaning of the SS surfaces and the lamp, Vulcan is a maintenance free UV sanitizer box. Lamp rated life is 9000hrs. Please contact VIOlight for replacement lamps.

Yes, VIOlight Vulcan is tested for effectiveness against a variety of microorganisms (test certificate available on request). Warranty available with 1 year electrical and 2 years for mechanical against manufacturing defects (excluding UVC Lamps).

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