Applications of UVC


One of the top attributes that guests value is cleanliness in a hotel room, probably above all else.  At the same time, the need for a warm & welcoming experience inherently limits the possibility to control access by people.  Given this, studies have shown that  the pathogen levels in hotels is far higher than found in homes, airplanes or in offices.  It’s clear that hotels must pay attention to cleanliness both real & perceived to satisfy customers.  With VIOlight products the hospitality industry can now make UV disinfection a part of its cleaning protocol and potentially drive higher guest satisfaction thereby creating loyalty and retention.


The classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting students’ learning. Parents rightfully expect safe & healthy classrooms and play areas.  Maintaining hygiene in the school premises is important, and VIOlight products can help decrease the use of chemical sprays and reduce the spread of microorganisms in common areas and high-touch surfaces.


Be it a hospital, surgical centre, dispensary, dental clinic, or other medical facilities, UV disinfection solutions can be a powerful tool to create safe spaces. Medical devices, equipment, dental instruments, dental chairs, suction tubes, and high-touch surfaces all need constant disinfection in a healthcare environment. With VIOlight UV disinfection solutions, one can treat common rooms, restrooms, high-touch areas, emergency service vehicles, and medical equipment, often and as needed.


Retail spaces given its high traffic flow of people is an area where infections can easily spread. While there are various types of preventive measures such as thermal scanners, sanitizer dispensers and regular fumigation in place, products on shelves and surfaces are touched by numerous shoppers on a daily basis. In addition, the billing section, lifts, railings on stairs, washrooms, parking spaces & other common areas are prone to attract pathogens, which needs to be frequently and effectively disinfected. With VIOlight UV disinfection solutions keeping retail spaces safe is now easier than ever.


Keeping offices clean and healthy not only is required by law but also helps in employee perceptions & increases their productivity. You can now protect your workspace area, furniture, turnstiles, biometric readers, cafeteria, doorknobs, railings, and restrooms with VIOlight’s chemical-free solutions to annihilate pathogens and viruses.


What looks clean is NOT really clean. Nowhere does this axiom hold more true than in our homes.  With our daily busy schedules and kids running in and out of the house, this is one area where we need disinfection on demand. With VIOlight UV products you can now disinfect frequently touched objects and personal items such as mobile phones, doors, laptops, etc., effortlessly at the click of a button.


As the world slowly returns to opening high-contact places, measures to reopen safely are sought with keen interest. In places like gyms where various kinds of equipment are handled and used by many, the members are prone to come in contact with pathogens. Also, in cases of usage of common areas such as sauna, showers and locker rooms, the propensity to catch infections is high. VIOlight UV disinfection solutions are perfect for use in gyms to  create a safe & healthy environment.


If there is one area of the economy that has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic it is the restaurant industry. Nowhere is the need greater for safe, quick & effective disinfection than in here.  Luring reluctant diners into restaurants will need concerted & demonstrated efforts by restaurateurs.  And all this while not ruining the ambience of the space which is a key metric that customers evaluate restaurants on. VIOlight UV solutions can disinfect restaurant spaces discretely and on demand.

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