Are your homes completely safe? - "A Safety check during Pandemic times."

Yes, we can stay indoors. Yes, we can wear masks when we go outside. And yes, we sanitize our hands using an alcohol + water-based sanitiser. But, what about the things we come in contact with each day in our homes itself? Is it safe enough? Is it sanitized enough?

According to reports, 66% of new hospitalizations for Covid-19 were people who had been staying home. It’s overwhelming & surprising that people who actually take all the precautions and stay home have contracted the Coronavirus and gotten Covid-19.

Is it that the precautions that these people are taking are not sufficient? Or is it that the precautions that they are taking are not serving the purpose?

Although most of us are staying home and are putting in efforts to keep ourselves away from this virus, it’s also important to analyse that the viruses could be present in the things that we use daily.


For example, in a grocery store most apps/platforms have intuitively built temperature readings, and contactless delivery, but are the containers, the cutlery at the grocery stores safe?  

or how are you assured of safety when buying vegetables in a store?  How can we be sure of the person who handles these items? Well, these instances are inevitable to a certain extent but also can be avoided.

Countries have brought forth numerous techniques, technologies & tools that fight against the contraction of the Virus which we take for granted.

What are these techniques and tools that one could use to prevent themselves from viruses in general on a day to day setting?

1) Wearing disinfected Masks or Washing them frequently.
2) Regularly disinfecting all items that come into the home such as keys, grocery bags, fruits & vegetables, grocery packages & food containers.
3) Ensuring sanitization of not just hands, but all other items around your homes.
4) Maintaining distance both at grocery stores or any other store in which your time has been invested.

Talking of these precautions, another point that we would like to highlight in this article is about UVC disinfection. We’ve now understood that disinfection could prevent us and could be used as one of the precautions. But what exactly is a disinfectant and how is it done?

Generally, a disinfectant is a chemical substance used to prevent surfaces or objects from being prone to viruses. However, studies show that chemical disinfectants have its limitations and depend on the skill and diligence of the person using it. Also using it for odd shaped objects that come into our home is tedious and this method fails when we try to disinfect any paper packaging.  This is where UVC disinfection excels in providing dry on-demand disinfection.

UVC radiation devices that we call UVC LED mini sterilizers have proven to be effective in destroying the outer protein coating of the SARS-Coronavirus.  This UVC disinfection can be used to disinfect personal belongings that most of us use daily.
Smaller items like keys, face masks, jewellery can be disinfected with the help of UV sanitizer box, Larger items like grocery items, spoons, forks, tumblers, plates and other items can be disinfected with the help of  uv sanitizer cabinet


The safety of the nation is in how effectively safe practices are established in the nuts and bolts of the country. The onus is on us all to band together and does the best we can to ensure total safety in all that we do. 

With just a simple step, keep the virus (if any)at bay.
Use the power of UVC to disinfect the bag in just about 10seconds! (Refer VIOlight’s Products ) before taking it into the heart of your home – the kitchen.