What to look for when comparing UV disinfection devices?


UVC irradiation systems are fast-growing and have become one of the irreplaceable options to prevent the spread of microbiological contaminants that may cause illness and hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Even though UVC has been used for over a hundred years for its antimicrobial properties, it’s only now that  UV light sterilization has seen a resurgence for its effectiveness as an effective pathogen control solution.

Germicidal UVC radiation can prove to be invaluable in ensuring a safe and hygienic workspace, however, it can be confusing while choosing a smart and versatile UVC disinfection that is right for you and your family. This guide will help you understand the factors to consider when comparing ready-to-use disinfection devices, and which device will help you protect yourself best.

Why use UVC radiation?

Ultraviolet light was discovered by Johann Wilhelm Ritter in 1801 but it was only in the 1950s that significant research on UVC disinfection began and since been used to disinfect air, water and surfaces.  Germicidal Ultraviolet or UVC light in general, is chemical-free disinfection that effectively neutralises the nucleic acid of microorganisms and deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus, fungi, and other pathogens by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. What this means is that Germicidal light destroys the ability of microorganisms to multiply and cause infections. UVC light has demonstrated efficiency against pathogenic organisms, including the virus responsible for typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, and other viral diseases. They sanitise the surface and eliminate pollutants, disinfecting the air to protect your family from allergies and respiratory infections. UVC light has also been proven to be effective against Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, a global pandemic that we are currently living through. Boston University researchers tested the effect of UVC light on Coronavirus and found rapid inactivation in seconds.

What to look for?

1. Affordability

UVC technology devices come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. While the effectiveness of each is subject to the design and construction, its important to think about how you will be actually using the device. If it’s for smaller objects then a tabletop LED UVC disinfection chamber might be the most cost-effective, while for larger objects or rooms the bigger form factors may be more suitable. If your UVC device caters to ensure safety and provides quick and easy disinfection at an affordable cost then you’re making a smart move by purchasing one.

VIOlight has a wide range of UVC disinfection products that will suit different budgets & requirements.

2. Effectiveness

Unlike other disinfection methods, UVC light disinfection offers eco-friendly and effective solutions to inactivate microorganisms in a hassle-free approach.  The high energy associated with the UV light due to its short wavelength (254 nanometres), when absorbed by the RNA and DNA of the microorganisms damages their nucleic acids and inactivates them ( Learn More ) from the Science of UV Disinfection

Even though all UVC light is germicidal, the design of the equipment can greatly impact the effectiveness. The actual source of UVC light, the design of the chamber, and the cycle time, all play an important role in ensuring that a UVC device does what it claims to do. Does it provide 360-degree protection? Is the time long enough to kill all pathogens? Is the chamber the right size for the intended use? These are all questions to look at when deciding which unit to go for.
When purchasing a device look for one that has been tested by a laboratory for actual use conditions and has proven to kill microorganisms. VIOlight products are all lab tested and certificates are available on request.

3. Convenience

The UVC device itself should be easy to access and use.  If it requires preparation and takes too much time to setup then studies have shown that people will fall out of the habit of using it. We live in an age of instant gratification and a computer or a phone that was blazingly fast a year ago seems too slow to use now!

Choosing the right form factor of the UVC device, the time it takes to disinfect, the place of operation, the ease of use, no maintenance are all important considerations when deciding the convenience of use. 

According to Healthline, people touch their face at least 16 times an hour. As the pandemic continues to stay, the chances that you will be exposed and get sick, be it at home, office, restaurants, or gyms continue to increase. So, it’s important to choose the right device that is convenient to make a habit of its usage. VIOlight has a range of products for different uses that makes it a breeze to choose the one that is most convenient for you.

In summary

It all comes down to the exact application for which disinfection is needed. Whatever the device that is chosen it should provide swift, comprehensive, and hassle-free disinfection.

  • Be it a hospital, surgical centre, dispensary, dental clinic, or other medical facilities, UV disinfection can be a powerful tool to create safe spaces.
  • With a handheld surface disinfection device one can disinfect medical equipment, high-touch areas, emergency service vehicles, common rooms, and restrooms, often and as needed.
  • Portable ultraviolet devices can be used to annihilate pathogens and viruses in the workspace area, furniture, turnstiles, biometric readers, cafeteria, doorknobs, and railings.
  • UVC radiation can be used to disinfect gyms, sports clubs, training centres, restaurants, and ensure safety for the passengers at Airports, Railway stations, and Bus depots.
  • Our personal objects such as keys, wallets, watches, masks are all pathogen carriers and can easily be disinfected by UVC radiation.