Striving to provide a safe and welcoming experience to your guests at hotels or restaurants? Look no further!

Violight's range of products disinfect hotels rooms, beds, equipment, cutlery used in the kitchen and other surfaces that are frequently touched to keep guests satisfied and tension-free during their stay or visit.
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Keeping medical facilities as safe & hygienic as they are meant to be!

Violight's UVC Disinfection systems treat common rooms, restrooms, emergency service vehicles, and medical equipment keeping patients, doctors, nurses and other visitors safe from contracting any germs or viruses.
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Make workspaces & desktop cabinets free from pathogens like viruses!

We can create a safe and pleasant office environment for all employees with UVC room & UVC desktop disinfection systems.
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Safety begins at home!

UVC light can disinfect individual rooms, surface areas, cutlery in the kitchen and all manners personal belongings.
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Creating Virus-free-Gyms!

UV disinfection is now the game-changer in disinfecting common areas in gyms such as locker rooms, showers and saunas. It inactivates viruses settled on gym equipment, creating a safe and happy workout experience for visitors.
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Convert reluctant diners to enthusiastic customers in restaurants!

Violight’s range of UVC light solutions keep nooks and large areas of restaurants thoroughly disinfected. Restaurants can also be panic free from constantly maintaining hygiene checks in the kitchen .
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