In this Covid-19 pandemic, individuals are permitted to leave the house for only essential requirements, such as grocery shopping and medical emergencies. Even after the lockdown is lifted, we must continue to be safe. We have to follow good disinfection practices when it comes to retail stores as it is hard to imagine a store that is completely touch-free. But, let’s face it, touching things while shopping is the one reason why we go shopping into a store!

Effective infection prevention systems require meticulous cleaning and disinfection of pathogenic microorganisms. Traditional or manual cleaning and chemical disinfection techniques are frequently inadequate. Both employees and shoppers repeatedly touch things, be it groceries, shopping carts, counters and other high touch surfaces. 

Although committing to spray your store with disinfectant on a regular basis may be a solid backup plan, it’s only natural that retailers would look for more convenient and reliable ways to disinfect. Which is why there has been a surge in enthusiasm in UVC treatment as a technique to disinfect or sanitize surfaces and other materials at retail.
Given the large numbers of people from different backgrounds and safety awareness that pass through a store it falls to the retailers to ensure utmost safety. A custom strategy is required to develop solutions that counter current and future dangers. Bacteria and viruses can be deactivated by UVC radiation of a specific wavelength acting on their DNA and RNA. UVC radiation is, in fact, the most effective technique to kill antibiotic-resistant organisms.
After customers have left the premises, automated ultraviolet light devices that consistently emit UVC can be installed in rooms. Advantages of these devices are easy to use, limited need for specific training of services staff and the possibility to use the devices without having to close room windows or doors.
VIOlight’s wide range of devices are portable germicidal UVC systems that are intended to kill pathogens and are highly effective at disinfecting rooms and larger objects. The devices are built with the highest lamp quality and have built safety sensors as needed to ensure that it does not operate when people are around.

VIOlight's Range of Products for Effective Disinfection of Upto 99.9%