While the hospitality industry is slowly rebounding, the COVID-19 crisis continues to have a substantial impact on how businesses operate in the hospitality sector. They are expected to make significant adjustments to their operations to maintain the health and safety of their employees and customers.
The high volume of patrons, large staff work teams, exposure to travellers, the potential for cross-contamination and multiple pathogen delivery mechanisms (Surfaces, cutlery, crockery and food) are some of the reasons why hospitality is considered high-risk.
Keeping ahead of the pathogens that guests leave behind is without a doubt one of the most difficult problems that people in this industry encounter. Disinfection plays a major role in keeping businesses afloat with the current changes. People in the hospitality industry are looking for better and easier options to carry out their chores smoothly.
Using ultraviolet light to sanitize guest rooms and other parts of your facility can guarantee the safety of your guests while also protecting your reputation. UVC light disinfection is an excellent supplement to the traditional ways of cleaning to eradicate all germs and bacteria efficiently.
What will it take to entice people to return to travel? A vital starting step is to improve health and safety regulations.

Let's have a look at the two best reasons why UVC is an excellent disinfecting technology for hoteliers.

1. Efficiency:

UVC is a touchless disinfection technology which not only fits in with existing business processes but also enhances operations. In a couple of minutes, UVC disinfection may make a place customer-ready. As a result, hotels can eliminate business interruptions (like customer check-in inconveniences) caused by alternative techniques of time-consuming cleaning. Housekeeping personnel can now get nearer to pre-pandemic cleanliness timeframes by using UVC equipment in one room after daily maintenance and moving onto another.

2. Return on Investment:

For the average hotel cost since the pandemic, UVC light’ efficiency alone has resulted in significant labour cost savings. Furthermore, in contrast to chemical disinfection, that necessitates the purchase of liters of reagents as well as the single-use PPE required to apply them on a regular basis, transportable UVC systems have virtually no recurring costs, except from the electricity required to run them.
Rather than being concerned that the cleaning staff could have overlooked bacterial growth, consider adopting ultraviolet technology to disinfect your visitor and personnel facilities. We also know that it is difficult to make the switch to new ways of disinfection but we at VIOlight assure that the benefits outweigh every other aspect.

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