Trainers operate in a range of fitness environments, including corporate gyms, small studios, and clients’ residences, to mention a few. There are surfaces and equipment in all of these places that are touched by a large number of people. Viruses and microorganisms are detected in large quantities on many of these exercise equipment.

It’s essential to keep fitness centers, gyms, and exercise equipment clean and free of infections so that clients feel safe and secure, and the facility can operate smoothly and financially benefit. Preventing rapidly spreading infections, bacteria, moulds, and fungi is incredibly hard due to confined quarters, shared equipment, rising humidity and clients, instructors, and workers moving around to each area. Manual cleansing, no matter how frequent, is insufficient to disinfect each location to clinical-level sanitation where it is required. 

As health and fitness facilities deal with COVID-19 and potential future diseases, sanitising all sections of the facility to keep it free of bacteria and disease is critical.
Cleaning methods for training centers are significantly important if clients and staff are to be as safe from infection. However, you can never be certain that each and every user will disinfect dumbbells, handles, ropes, bars and and other items consistently. The wipes or disinfecting sprays are costly and must be bought on a routine basis. Surfaces, on the other hand, are attacked by the chemicals, which make them brittle and ugly. These may also emit bad odor, and the substances may induce blisters and allergies on the skin
UVC light disinfection, on the other hand, is chemical-free and operates only through biological mechanisms. Pathogenic organisms’ DNA is destroyed by high-energy UV radiation, rendering them incapable of multiplication. This allows you to disinfect surfaces in any training room, reception area, or workplace with confidence.
Adopt deep disinfection in your gyms from locker rooms to reception by using VIOlight’s UVC cleaning devices that are easy and require no special cleaning staff. They are also portable, convenient and affordable for customers to use.

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